Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Touches of Fall

It has been the coolest summer I can remember. Now that it's about over we are having temperatures in the high 90's. 
 But  I know Fall is on its way!
 I have been  working on  fall decorations this week. We are still unpacking from the move. Most of our  fall stuff is in the attic and  we are having a heat wave for the past two weeks here in Kentucky!
    Here is a peek as I  walk thought the house!

Fall arrangement in the study.


Pumpkin in a bell jar on breakfast table. 

Mr. Owl on the mantel in the keeping room.

Pier One owl and pumpkins in the  hall at end of kitchen

The  lantern   is  from Hobby Lobby and owl from Pier One. He is so sad looking. 

I added two fall pillows from Pottery Barn!
Thanks Judy Bigg!

Added a runner with some pumpkins and candles to the dinning room table .
 Still have more boxes to  unpack.

My  husband got  tired looking for my fall plates in the attic. Friday  he came home with a new set of fall
dishes from Pier One.
Lol,  he is  not off the hook !  I still want him to find the ones  in the attic! I told the movers to put all the boxes in the garage, he told them to take them all up!

Hope you come back and see me again. I got to get back up in the attic! Have a great week!
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  1. Great touches if fall Jo. I just love to see fall decor start coming out. Your owls are such cute little fellows even if the one looks a bit sad. Glad you like the pumpkin pillow. So glad you are back to blogging. You have so much to share with your new house.